Profiling of Constituency

Candidate Portfolio and Profiling of Constituency

Candidate Portfolio and Profiling of Constituency is one of our most productive and Deliverable Services for a Political Party or Candidate to know everything they need about a particular Constituency. Here we have a list of meaningful insights we collect through various sources, which is mandatory to understand for a Political Party/Candidate to Plan their Election Campaign. The Data and Insights we collect through our Political Intelligence Team are verified and easy to use to shape your Campaign.

Here, we cover and manage every piece of information about the Constituency and Candidate, which helps plan out an Election Campaign for a Political Candidate or gives complete insights to a Party that allows them to select Candidates for Ticket Distribution.

Candidate Portfolio and Profiling of Constituency

It also includes Voter's Perceptions about the Party and Candidate and Suggestions to Plan out the Campaign better to win. A few areas are mentioned below, which are part of this Service.

Booth level Research

It includes Data Collection, Constituency Profiling, and Comprehensive Research.

Sentiment Analysis

Through our Hi-Tech. Based Electoral Insights App. and Unique ways, we collect Insights about the current status and the Candidate's image throughout the Constituency and how Voters of the Constituency see them as their Leader or Potential Candidate to vote for.

Comprehensive Research at the Constituency Level

Here the Tech-enabled survey and assessment help our Political Intelligence Team to collect Constituency insights and validate the same with different reliable sources.

Booth/Village/Ward level Constituency Profiling

It is the step where we put together all the Booths Survey and Research Data to analyze the winning prospects and conduct an Analysis that tells us about the Candidate's winning chances. It is a cost-effective research method and is a legitimate source for election Strategy and Campaigning.