Digital Media Campaign

Digital Media Campaign

Digital and Social Media campaigns are the most impactful and one of the most effective tools for Election campaigns and Political discourse. In Present Times, it has become mandatory for all Political Candidates or Political Parties to have a consistent and effective Social Media Presence. It is widely used to reach out to mass voters and keep them updated with the Party's and Candidate's day-to-day affairs, influence voters' vote choice, and have a great impression on them. We at IntelliSense Solutions bring you a bucket of Social Media Services and the aspects of Digital Media Services that will benefit you as a Candidate or as a Party.

A few services have been put down here to inform you about our Digital and Social Media Package. Please contact us to learn more about the Services and further details.

Digital Media Campaign

Digital Campaign Services:

  • All Initiatives/Work/Events/Visits done by the Candidate would be Informed to the Constituents through Tele Call or Text Messages.
  • All Candidate Programs will be Informed to the Constituents, and Support Seeking Messages/Voice Notes will be sent to the Voters.

Channels of Voter Outreach:

  • Bulk IVR Calling/Voice Messages
  • Bulk SMS/Whatsapp Drive
  • Bulk Tele Calling

Social Media Campaign Services:

  • Counter program against the Opposition Candidate
  • Creating and posting short and meaningful tweets
  • Counter program against the Opposition Party
  • Defending Tweets in favor of the Candidates
  • Use of proper hashtags
  • Making personal/official handles active and interacting daily
  • Updating the Candidate's personal/official handle
  • Creating relevant content such as Infographics, slogans
  • Monitoring relevant content and management
  • Make rallies, public events, and gatherings "LIVE."
  • Creation & Circulation of the Candidate's work/day-to-day info.
  • Creation & Circulation of messages asking for support for the Candidate
  • Circulation of Candidate's events, programs, rallies, meetings & initiatives.
  • Flowing information about the work done by the Candidate or Initiatives taken by the Candidate
  • Making personal/official handles active and interactive
  • Updating the official account daily with daily programs, meetings, and rallies
  • Creating target-specific content to attract youth voters
  • Make rallies, public events, and gatherings "LIVE."
  • Increasing the follower number, likes, and shares organically and through promotions as well